Green Innovation

Lords View is the end product of rehabilitating an old quarry into a world-class 1.3 million sqm green large-scale logistics and industrial park. The old borrow pits 1) are utilised as central storm-water attenuation ponds where water will be used to irrigate the common areas and the green belt; and 2) are also being used to create a new wetland and green belt attracting varieties of flora and fauna.

Introducing green, sustainability, and beauty to the industrial space in and out of the office:

Introducing green, sustainability, and beauty to the industrial space in and out of the office:

  • Built adjacent to a municipal landfill site, opening the opportunity to green energy production and heat generation through biogas and Waste-to-Energy means.
  • Incorporating Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems, the Dams were sustainably designed and built to function as a wetland that promotes multiple species of fauna and flora (sustainable incorporation of legislation, principles of sustainability and aesthetic appeal).
  • Greening and landscaping upon entering at the main entrance from Allandale Road all the way along the public open spaces forever welcoming employees and employers to their work-conducive environment.
  • Landscaping planned to be in unison with the street furniture to accentuate the natural concept of the park and promote association with sustainability.
  • Tailings removed from the development off-set to cap the landfill batters.

Lords View Industrial Park is truly a park where modern productive industry takes place. The beautiful green landscapes give a sense of place. We combined ‘green’ with aesthetics, and have softened the boundaries between workspaces introducing to the market an unparalleled attractive product and a work-conducive environment.

As an Industrial 1 zoned area, Lords View is fit for blue chip companies and tenants that find logistic value in widened road infrastructure and traffic circles designed to accommodate super-links providing quick vehicle flow through the development, central location to major business nodes, quick multiple option access to major roads and further benefits with timing and planning for growth and connectivity of the area to surrounding areas.

Lords View is also central and close to major and small airports; fully serviced with electricity (up to 40 MVA), water, storm water, sewer, fibre, on-site cell phone tower to improve reception, zoning requirements and registered as a catalytic project with EMM, thus providing resourceful assistance for client applications.