So, Why Lords View?

Lords View has been planned as an environmentally friendly and eco-sensitive industrial and logistics park that makes use of the latest developments in cleaner, greener township development.

Lords View provides a prime location to help reduce transportation costs and streamline the supply-chain process. With the increased global competition and transportation costs, the location of your company distribution centre or manufacturing base becomes vitally important in cost management.

Driven by e-commerce, today’s importers, distributors and manufacturers require considerably larger facilities, higher clear heights, greater parking, and storage capacity, while still maintaining a focus on security and an environmentally sustainable design. Understanding these key developments and requirements are the very reason for the establishment of Lords View Industrial Park.

Locality, Build and Services

Built-in 8 phases, Lords View was built to function holistically as an efficient industrial business hub strategically located in relation to strong business nodes and close to labour. Lords View was built with:

  • Widened road infrastructure built to Allandale Road specification;
  • Traffic circles within the development designed to accommodate super-links, which provides quick vehicle flow through the development;
  • Central location near Gauteng’s major business nodes;
  • Multiple option access to major roads and destinations;
  • Timing benefits upon purchase – build-ready fully-serviced land that is zoned;
  • Close to small and major airports;
  • Fully serviced with electricity (up to 40 MVA firm supply), water, stormwater, sewer, fibre, and on-site cell phone tower to improve reception;
  • Magnificent views of Johannesburg, Sandton, Midrand and the surrounding area that create a sense of place.
  • Registered as a catalytic project with EMM, applications are facilitated with resourceful assistance.
  • Blue-chip companies as tenants of Lords View.


Know the sustainability and transformation history of where your business is established. Does it fit the green story of your thriving business’ goals?:

  • Lords View introduces green sustainability and beauty to the industrial space, inside and outside the individual properties.
  • Opening the door to new possibilities of green energy production and heat generation through bio gas and Waste-to-Energy means.
  • Rehabilitated dams are designed and built to function sustainably as a central stormwater attenuation facility, saving 69% of our clients the cost of attenuating their stormwater on-site and giving them more usable land.
  • Within the private open spaces at the rehabilitated dams and green belt area is a wetland that promotes multiple species of fauna and flora.
  • Landscaping is planned to be in unison with the outdoor furnishing to accentuate the natural concept of the park, and promote corporate association with international best practice and sustainability.

Engineering Services and Guidelines

Table 1: Engineering services and guidelines

Estimated Capacity
Light Industrial 1 including offices. F.A.R: 0.6. Coverage: 60%. Height: 3 storeys not exceeding 15m (relaxations subject to Council approval.
250 kVA per Ha municipal power supply included in the land price. Ability to source up to an additional 40 MVA (subject to capacity availability through Council).
Estimate allocation of 20 kl / Ha per day (subject to existing demand and availability from Council).
Dia. 110 mm house connection at each plot.
Extra wide lanes and turning circles for efficient turning of logistics vehicles.
Plug-and-play stand connection with adequately designed central stormwater attenuation to attenuate over 69% of the development (subject to availability of incorporated stands).
Fibre backbone installed and accessible throughout the Park (capacity to support fast data speeds).
Disclaimer: The figures given are good estimates of the current time this brief was prepared. Please consult us for information relating to the capacities available at the time you need the latest accurate information.


Monthly Park Levy Amount
75 c / sqm (consult us for the latest value)
Benefits costed within the Park Levy
Park security both surveillance and guards.
Maintenance of the green belt and street landscaping.
Park management expenses.
Community Liaison Officer
Control of the individual clients developments in terms of the Architectural and Environmental guidelines, and stormwater management frameworks.
Constant monitoring of the water quality in the central stormwater attenuation dams to promote biodiversity and fulfilling the mandate of being a green Park.
Property Owners Association offices and operational support services.

Land Availability

Lords View is over 81% sold. The remaining stands of the 1,3 million sqm has available land parcels between 5 904 sqm and 104 429 sqm.  Land available in total: 204 132 sqm.

Association – Our Property Owners and Tenant Profile

Unilever – 105 357 m2
(Unilever Lords View Ola Ice-Cream Factory – their first Ice-Cream Factory in Africa)
Laser Transport Group – 89 308 m2 (Freight / Logistics – with their group of companies)
Laser Subsidiaries: Stuttafords Van Lines, AGS Frasers, Pickfords, Allied Pickfords, Magna Thomson.
Cochrane – 84 091 m2
(Manufacturing Security Fencing)
Improvon – 72 579 m2
(Property Fund)
Green Cross Medical Science Africa – 47 464 m2
ARB Holdings Limited – 43 890 m2
(Distribution Centre – Electrical)
Freightmore – 17 738 m2
(Freight / Logistics)
CCL Labels – 10 028m2 
(Manufacturing Printed Labels)
Valsir – 10 001m2 
(Manufacturing Bathroomware)
Prowalco –8 883 m2 
(Manufacturing Fuel Pumps)
Emperor Foods – 5 906 m2
(Food Production /Preparation)
Evergreen – 1 400 m2
(Latex Medical Manufacture)