Town Planning
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Town Planning and Services

We understand that your objectives and interests are vested in operating your business. The value we bring is in getting you (1) built fast, and (2) operating seamlessly. It’s as easy as ‘Plug in’ and ‘Play’.

Estimated Capacity
Light Industrial 1 including offices. F.A.R: 0.6. Coverage: 60%. Height: 3 storeys not exceeding 15m (relaxations subject to Council approval.
250 kVA per Ha municipal power supply included in the land price. Ability to source up to an additional 40 MVA (subject to capacity availability through Council).
Estimate allocation of 20 kl / Ha per day (subject to existing demand and availability from Council).
Dia. 110 mm house connection at each plot.
Extra wide lanes and turning circles for efficient turning of logistics vehicles.
Plug and play stand connection with adequately designed central stormwater attenuation to attenuate over 63% of the development (subject to availability of incorporated stands).
Fibre backbone installed and accessible throughout the Park (capacity to support fast data speeds).
Disclaimer: The figures given here are estimates at the time the brief was prepared. Please consult us for information relating to the capacities available at the time you need the latest accurate information.