Route Analysis
of Lords View

Route Analysis


The purpose of route analyses is to optimise cost and time, which equal efficiency and quality of service, in relation to a specified network under a certain set of assumptions. In vibrant economic nodes, route options are key to constantly delivering a high quality of service.


At the start and end of any trip, the travel time between the gate of the industrial estate and your facility should be the least of your worries (see Roads (link to Services |Roads) specification for more information).Exit and entrance to your facility is of paramount importance for the effective functioning of your facility. There also needs to be a large emphasis placed on alternative access and departure roads in the case of accidents, road upgrades or any other delay causing event. It is with the above in mind that the routes are described and classified.


The logistics markets will for the foreseeable future be heavily influenced and dictated upon by e-commerce. Lots of value in this e-commerce era is placed on the ability to deliver goods within a matter of hours. Based on the above below, it is clear that Lords View benefits from having access to multiple access and departure routes.

As more of Gauteng roads become ‘car parks’ at crucial times during the course of the day it is vitality important for you to identify the current and future transportation requirements of your company and to assess this according to current and planned road infrastructure upgrades. There has been large increases in traffic which now negatively effects what was once considered prime industrial areas. Lords View brings an area with excellent locality, infrastructure (current and planned) and labor force to the market.

The proposed K232 which will link Allandale and Marlboro will provide increased transport infrastructure and will allow for direct linking with N3/N12 “Ring Roads”. Chloorkop has been selected for the Lords View Logistics Park due to its centrality, its excellent road infrastructure and proximity to a large labour force.

This is the primary access/egress route and uses Allandale off ramp to access the N1 for both Pretoria (N1), Sandton and Johannesburg (Ring road).

This is the secondary route for Johannesburg (Ring road) and access is at New Road off ramp or Modderfontein off ramp. Pretoria access is also available using Ring road and accessing the R21 via the airport.

This is the secondary route for Pretoria and makes use of the R21 via Kempton Park.

This is an emergency route for Pretoria if the Primary and Secondary routes are experiencing delays and works its way through Tembisa.

Future Road – The K232 is a planned connector route joining the Linbro off ramp to Allandale Road. Construction has commenced. Once this road is complete it will provide excellent access to the Ring Road Highway and a direct link to Sandton.

This avoids the cost of frustrating traffic delays and gives incoming and outgoing deliveries a multitude of options. As the transportation costs play a major role in logistics operations, any addition to inefficiently slow driving times need to be avoided. It is with this in mind that Lords View has aimed to be the logistics hub of the future, catering for clients who need access to major nodes in Pretoria, all of Johannesburg and South Africa’s largest airport (O R Tambo International Airport – 12 km away).